Songwriter is a online songwriting network and competition for young people aged 8-18 living in Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Cornwall, Essex, Norfolk and Wiltshire. Upload your own songs to the chart to received feedback from professional song writers and the chance to win prizes such as recording sessions and the opportunity to perform at local festivals. You can also discover music by other young song writers in your area. If you are new to song writing or you want to improve your skills there are regular workshops running in each area where you can develop you technique with help from professional musicians.

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Songwriter chart

# Song Artist County Plays this week Total Plays
1. Changes (original) Hertfordshire 0 40
2. Dancing On His Toes Hertfordshire 0 68
3. Eden Hertfordshire 0 21
4. Toxic Wasteland Hertfordshire 0 68
5. Broken Hearted Hertfordshire 0 36
6. Broken Promises Hertfordshire 0 24
7. The Place Beyond Hertfordshire 0 10
8. Glove Off Essex 0 22
9. Goodbye Hertfordshire 0 30
10. Bang Bang Essex 0 165