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Never Give Up - Rowan Scourfield

    Chris Thorogood says:

    Great song, very interesting guitar work and lyrics
    Good luck and hope life gets less stressful
    Real good title and message

    Robyn thorogood says:

    Yet another song from Rowan given with good clarity and true meaning. Keep them coming

    Viv Scourfield says:

    I love this song, Rowan, great lyrics and guitar playing. Keep on writing and performing!!

    Freddie Cardy says:

    Yes Rowan:)
    Great song

    Joel Thorogood says:

    Great song!

    Nicky says:

    Never Give Up is my favourite of your songs

    Diane and Mark Wearne says:

    Good to hear you are still writing songs. Keep up the good work!

    Inga Scourfield says:

    I love this Rowan, the guitar playing is brilliant and they are fabulous lyrics. Can’t wait to hear some more new songs!

    Nick Light says:

    Well done Rowan. You are producing good songs already so I can just imagine how good you are going to be in a few years time.

    Maisie says:

    It’s really good!

    Keir says:

    Never Give Up is a proper catchy ear worm, hear it once and you’ll be humming it for days!!

    Jen says:

    Love the new songs and some very impressive guitar playing

    Katie says:

    I love this song and the guitar playing. Well done Rowan, would love to hear some more of your songs.

    Tom says:

    What a catchy song and tune, I like the lyrics too! Well done Rowan

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    Georgeton says:

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    Davidgus says:

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